4 Stay-at-Home-Dads of the Animal Kingdom

Hello humans,

There has been a steady increase of Stay-at-Home-Dads in the past decade. It’s almost as if these men were listening to their paternal instincts and taking upon their innate role of primary caregiver to the family… That, or their wives make a butt ton more money than they could have.

Regardless of the reason, today I want to look at four of the Stay-at-Home-Dads of the Animal Kingdom and discover what we can learn from those who share this profession.

1.The Emperor Penguinpenguin

The Emperor Penguin is probably the most dedicated of animal fathers. When the female Emperor Penguin lays her eggs, she expends so much energy that she has to leave for a few months to eat her stamina back to normal. The male penguin must stand, keeping the egg balanced on his feet within his brood pouch in order for it to maintain the enough warmth to survive, all the while not eating for months.  The temperature in the Antarctic during their mating season can get to as low as −40 °F so all the males will huddle around each other, blocking the wind and taking turns in the middle for warmth. If the egg hatches before the mother returns, the father will feed it a curd like substance from his esophagus… And I thought my dad’s french toast was bad. It isn’t until the mothers get back that the fathers are able to go and eat themselves.


2. The LionLion

Lions suffer from the same misconception that human Stay-at-Home-Dads suffer from: the idea that they are just lazy men who let the women do all the work. And, while we do get more of an opportunity for naps, we are not completely lazy! If there is any outside intruder the male lion is better suited for protection due to his large frame and will do anything to defend his pride. And why wouldn’t you leave the best form of protection with the future of the pride? I also think that most stay-at-home-dads try to grow their beard out to mimic the mane of a male lion. But that’s just speculation!


3. Darwin’s Frogsfrog

Life is tough for a tadpole. From the moment they are born, they have to worry about predators, from insects to eating each other, it seems like there is no safety for these polliwogs Then comes super dad who swallows them before any insect can. The Darwin frog keeps his children inside of his vocal sac, not eating. The children eat the eggs and secretion until they are old enough to hop out on their own. After the ordeal I’m sure the father buys a ton of mouthwash and looks into getting a vasectomy.


4. The Seahorseseahorse

It’s pretty widely known that the male Seahorse is the one who gives birth to the baby seahorses. After courtship and babymaking occurs, the female transfers the eggs into the male’s brooding pouch for 9-45 days, until the babies emerge as tiny, little seahorses. Clearly the men get baby fever though, since only hours after they give birth, they off getting busy again!


Though I was just looking at a few of the stay-at-home-dads in the wild, there are plenty of great fathers in the Animal Kingdom! From the Golden Lion Tamarin who carries his kid on his back nearly all day, to the red fox who loves to play with his kids, and even the flamingos who take turns incubating and protecting their eggs, there’s plenty we can learn from our animal brethren. I hope you enjoyed this blog and maybe even learned something. Please like, share, and comment.




2 thoughts on “4 Stay-at-Home-Dads of the Animal Kingdom

  1. This is really cool! I had no idea!


    1. It was such a fun project! I kept reading even after I got all the animals I needed! The animal Kingdom is so cool!


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