The Colorful World We Live In

Hello Humans,

I am the Mom-to Be. Now I may not be as funny as the mate I have chosen for life, or as artistically talented, but hey, I can grow humans, so yeah. I figure I should let you know a little about myself and my family since the love of my life has decided to make a living making fun of me and poking fun at the situations we get ourselves in. First off, I agreed to this daily mocking and public humiliation. There is an agreement and everything. Its under the section of our vows that said we want the other to be happy or something like that. But some things he wants to share will have to be approved and somethings will never be approved. I am a lady first and foremost. Some things must be kept secret so I keep my mystery and allure. Ultimately though, it keeps life interesting and helps me continually look at humanity and our journey with a great appreciation and a positive outlook.  My husband has found a way of making life more fun and entertaining with his artwork and the characters he has created. He helps me not get too overwhelmed by what I’m going through in my own life, or in the world around me.  He is the Yen to my Yang, the PB to my Jelly. Life just wouldn’t be as colorful without him.

How did we end up with this kind of blog you may ask? A blog full of artwork, laughter and fun aspects of life? Making fun of ourselves and others in the most loving way possible? Well, we want to spread some color and beauty to not only our lives, but to others too. An interesting fact about our family is that we feel very deeply for people.  We are advocates for justice and can not ignore a lot of the hateful things in the world that hurt our hearts. We have worked and volunteered in areas that are just plain dark and hard to swallow. This sometimes has made it difficult to keep life magical. It takes lots of work and imagination and a constant push to stay positive. But if we can do this, really do this, make this blog, love on people, pick on humanity, then maybe we can do our part in giving back. Maybe we can find our “purpose” in reminding people that life is beautiful, funny and interactive.

Becoming parents has really made us reflect on our values and beliefs and what we want to be building blocks for our growing family. We have been asked if we will spank our child, breastfeed, stay home, get vaccinated, ect. We have had many discussions on these subjects and we have made our decisions. I’m sure you will pick up on our decisions as you get to know us more. Ultimately we noticed that we know great parents on both sides of all of these arguments. This really got us thinking.  We need to not be judgemental, or think our way is better, EVER. What better way to daily remind us of this except to make fun of ourselves. Cut ourselves and others some slack because being a parent and living life in general is a learning experience. We are going to do things right and wrong, just as we see others doing. But you know what really matters, we show up every day, try our best, and give what only we have to offer. What we have to offer is the way we see the world, through a non judgemental, creative, artistic lens. This outlet will help keep us humble and keep us motivated to try new things and find the right fit in this world with our family.

Now lets be honest, one of the main reasons my husband started this blog in the first place was because he is becoming a Stay at Home Dad and he didn’t want to get bored at home.  All these other revelations came after the initial startup, when we were throwing around fun ideas and goals for the blog. It started to grow and morph into a really useful tool for him and the family and yes, still a fun way for him to stay sane. Isn’t it funny that the abbreviation for a Stay at Home Dad is SAHD, sounds like Sad. We didn’t want him to be a Sad Dad, so we get innovative. We don’t know many SAHD’s so we figured it could be interesting to document this experience and be a forerunner for this luckily growing trend. The feedback we have gotten has been very cool. My husband has been contacted by other SAHD’s and people who love what he is doing. People will write him a nice little message or reach out to him with support. It’s been really motivating to have the blogging community be so supportive, they really want to help you succeed and it feels like you joined a fun club you didn’t even know existed. It opened our eyes to taking the time to support others, just drop a quick word or tip for a fellow friend or blogger. It feels good to be nice and see it spread. It feels so good, we want to keep doing it. We want to find ways to help our child and other children enjoy childhood. We want to help adults not get too bogged down in the mundane activities of life and take those moments on their kids level and have adventures. We want to keep people laughing at us, and themselves and we are always looking for ideas to help us accomplish these goals. One idea we are working on is writing a kids book, another idea is making coloring pages for kids. If you have any funny family stories, let us know. We can make you and your family into a cartoon! Comment, like and Share! Keep spreading the love and support, and above all else, keep finding ways to keep the magic alive in your life!

Thank you, from our family to yours!




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