Love, Defined By Children

Hello humans,

It’s now February which is the season of love. But love is not easy to define. Over the years great scholars and philosophers have debated over the origins of the word. Ancient Greeks called love the madness of the gods.

But I think in order to understand love, we have to look back at when humans are the most capable of love. We have to look to children. Children love unconditionally until they reach 13 and hormones kick in. Surely they will have some insight on the meaning of love!

My wife and I recently asked our readers to ask their children or children they know a few questions on the nature of love. The kids were drawn in the form of their favorite animals. Keep in mind, these are all real answers! Kids are weird…



I agree…


So there you have it! There really is a lot you can learn about love from kids but most of it comes from watching how they love! If we all loved unconditionally, the way kids love, the world would be a better place. Now where can I find some magic berries?

Thank you to everyone who participated! If you enjoyed this be sure to like, comment, and share!

Thanks! D.W.



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