Babies, Bellies and Boobies

Nothing can prepare you for the beauty of pregnancy. Yes, there are plenty of weird body things going on, and yes, you feel like a whale some days, but most days you are aware of the magic going on within your big ‘ole belly. You are enjoying every moment of your baby kicks and actually pretty proud to take pictures of your ever growing frame. You spend most of your spare time daydreaming about how life will be when your little one arrives.

And then there they are. You hear that raw cry of that beautiful life that is leaving your body and entering the world. There is nothing like it. Every moment is spent staring at this living wonder. You try to remember to eat and sleep, but nothing will ever be as important as this amazing child.

Sooner or later though, you will have a moment. You will look in the mirror and see a scar or stretch mark and you will not feel pretty. You will try and put on your favorite pair of pants and you wont be able to get them over your hips. You will cake your nipples with cream and want to cry in a hot shower from the pain and you will wonder if you can continue to keep up.

These are your raw moments. These are the moments you knew you were becoming that babies mom. These are the daily struggles you push through so you can be all in for your child. You will keep working until those pants fit, and if they don’t ever fit again, you will rock your new size because those hips are amazing and they did what they did to get your love into this world and into your arms.  The scars and stretch marks will fade, and one day that little beauty will ask you what those marks are from and boy will you have an amazing story to tell them of love and bravery and life. Your boobs will hurt, and then they wont anymore and you will enjoy every second cradling your baby in your arms and looking down into their adoring eyes.

Nothing can prepare you for the beauty of becoming a mom. Your priorities change, your heart changes, your whole life changes. You may begin to be late all the time, but you become much better at living in the moment because you don’t want to miss a thing. You will become closer to some people and get further away from others but in the process you will experience real joy, laughter and happy tears. Being true to yourself and to others becomes easy and you will enjoy more peace in your decisions than you ever thought possible. You have higher standards for yourself and for the life you live because those two little eyes and two little ears are on you from now on. You stop denying yourself the pleasures and happiness you once didn’t think you deserved, because these are your moment. These are your child’s moments. This is your beautiful experience of parenthood and your little ones magical experience of childhood. These are your memories. This is your life, and no one can ever prepare you for it.









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