Trading Trophies for Toddlers

We’ve been called lazy, told we are narcissistic and made fun of because we like trophies. We’ve been told we are selfish, we live at home for too long and we hop from job to job.  We are made to believe we are weak and flighty and we give too much of ourselves to our dreams and not enough to the world we live in. Who are “we”? Millennials. And I for one am proud to be one.

New studies are flooding in with updated stats on this skinny jeans wearing group of youngsters. Seems we have been pretty busy creating a sharing economy with ideas like AirBNB and Uber. We are changing the way people work, live and play with all the tools and apps we have innovated and we are rocking the marketplace with our new spin on entrepreneurship. One of my favorite discoveries though is the fact millennial’s are becoming know for being really good parents.  From our baby wearing dads to our crunchy moms, we kinda got it going on. Not to toot our own horn, but toot…toot.

Millennials are known as the Me Me Me Generation, and I do honestly agree, but I also don’t think it’s a bad thing. I believe our 20 and 30 somethings are actually taking valuable time to get to know themselves, a luxury not all generations had . We are putting more thought into who we really are, what we truly believe and what we really want from our lives. Our identities and labels may be confusing for some generations but by working on our “self” we are able to cope and grow in this world that seems bigger and more confusing than ever before with the presence of media and the booming wide world web. We were raised by parents who taught us we can do anything we set our mind to, if you work hard enough. They taught us to follow our dreams, not to settle for any ‘ole dead end job. They pushed resourcefulness and creating opportunities for yourself. They didn’t want their children to miss out on anything this life has to offer because who knows better than the generations before us how fast time flies by. The selfless love of our parents may have kept us in their home a little longer, but its because they want to see us succeed. I think its easy to see all the wonderful things we have carried down with us from our Gen X parents and Baby Boomer grandparents. I am also excited for the direction we are headed in now and what footprints we are leaving behind.

It may take us until we are in our 30’s to have kids, but at that point, we are ready! And that, I think is the key. When we decide we want to be parents, we are so ready to go from Me Me Me to You You You. We are all in. Our identity changes easily from a free spirited, world traveling post grad to a proud hippy mom who breastfeeds and blends her own baby food, or a barista with a man bun becomes a fully involved, stay at home, dad-bod kind of father. We really own our labels too, from a free range parent, to an attachment loving helicopter parent. We add another face to our selfies and begin to get our warm fuzzies from our new little bundle of joy rather than our  pumpkin spice latte in the fall, the best season ever. We can now hand down our ideals to our little ones, just like the ones who came before us. We are excited to share our values and our beliefs with our children, because we are so confident in them. We are also pretty confident in our kiddos ideas and decisions so we proudly push free thinking and active communication. We support time together instead of over working, and if given the choice most of us would choose to fill up a scrapbook of memories over buying the biggest house and driving the fanciest car.

Our generation has a lot to offer the world and our babies. Just like every generation of parents before us, we are all surprised by the love we are capable of when we meet our child for the first time. Every generation has a different worldview to work within, but one thing parenting continues to teach us is that love moves mountains and as humans we will continue to change and grow and these amazing little beauties are the most important thing in the world. They are our future. They are Generation Alpha and I can’t wait to see what changes they bring to the


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